Navigating Systems is a practical way to live and learn Bowen Theory. It has made a huge difference in my life. It changed my view on raising children. I have become a better leader in my family business. I am still eagerly awaiting my wife to tell me that I am a better husband. Another five or ten years in the program should get me there. I highly recommend this program and the people who offer it. - Thomas Merkel 

Mr. Merkel has an executive coaching and leadership development practice working with mid-sized & family owned businesses.   Since 2004, he has lead a Rochester chapter of Vistage, a global CEO membership organization.  In 2015, he was appointed Best Practice Chair in Upstate New York.   In this capacity he provides leadership and direction to other professional coaches in the New York Area.  

Having grown up in a family business, the Navigating Systems program provided real-life, hands-on experiences learn and apply Bowen Theory to my family business system. I have especially appreciated the camaraderie and support in the learnings groups as part of the program. 


From my first day in the program when I could not identify my own mother's family in the genogram, the program through Priscilla, Andrea and Kathy's leadership supported my personal growth through the direct application of the eight concepts of Bowen Theory. 

The program has encouraged me to bridge cutoffs, develop genograms for all branches of my blended family, and become more thoughtful and aware of potential triangles in situations I encounter. The experience has flowed into my business life as I have become more aware of potential triangles and situations that promote anxiety in multigenerational family systems.

My experience in the program has resulted in a stronger relationship with my wife, my adult children and adult step-children, my siblings, and my extended family. - Dave Osborn

Mr. Osborn established DAO Advisors in in 2017 to advise Presidents of single-family offices and their respective families. His prior role was as President of CYMI, Ltd., the Mathile family office 2007 to November 1, 2018. He is now Senior Advisor to the Mathile family which includes joining the Board of Advisors. He will also continue as a member of CYMI's Investment Committee. 

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