Summer Connection 2017


Tuesday, June 20th, 2017 4pm-6pm Eastern Time
Tuesday, July 18th, 2017 4pm-6pm Eastern Time

  • To introduce what guides the learning process for Navigating Systems

    • How to Observe

    • How to Manage One's Self

    • How to Predict Behavior

    • How to Challenge the System

  • To continue to engage one's thinking

  • To introduce people to the program


Reading: "Thinking, Assumptions, Relationships, and Decisions" #25 Commitment to Principles: The Letters of Murray Bowen 

Reading: "What Makes It So Hard" #16 Commitment to Principles: the Letters of Murray Bowen. 
Video: "A System's View of Human Relationships in the Family, at Work, and in Society"
Worksheet for the Program

June Session:

Agenda: Family as the Original Anxiety Management System

  1. Overview of the topic

  2. Participants - What is at the top of your mind in your social systems at home or at work?

  3. A participant’s presentation and questions

  4. Integrating ideas and actions


Presentation Aids

Andrea Schara's Presentation

Dave Osborne's Presentation

July Session:

Agenda: How does one understand a systems perspective? How does family systems thinking become a part of you?

1.    Introduction to new content
2.    Participant discussion
3.    Link between society, family, organization

4.    Discussion 
5.    How does this thinking become a part of you

6.    Audience participation - how does this integrate into your own life?



Presentation Aids

Andrea Schara's Presentation

Priscilla Friesen's Presentation


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