Three Failures on A Couch Video Series

Rave reviews from their first video blog titled “Three Failures on a Couch” prompted the faculty of Navigating Systems to continue their dialogue addressing the real-world application of Bowen Family Systems Theory to family and professional life.

Episode 1: - Why Bother with Bowen Theory?

Why Bother with Bowen Theory? It is the first of a three-part video blog series. Using personal experiences and systems perspective, the conversation informs and teaches in a light-hearted manner as it addresses challenging topics and the participants’ effort to be more of a self in their relationship systems.

Episode 2: - How Bowen Theory Applies to Personal Life Experiences?

As the author, Annie Lamont relates "there is nothing outside of yourself that will help in any way, unless you are awaiting an organ; you cannot buy it, or steal it, or marry it; this is the most horrible truth."

This second conversation relates how each person addresses the opportunities to be more of a self in their family and work relationships. Sometimes successful, often a continuing work in progress, each effort provides ways to evaluate and consider new strategies for the listener to become more of a self.

Episode 3: - What is Navigating Systems’ training program and what is it trying to accomplish?

In the third video in the series, the three colleagues discuss their focus on training other interested individuals in Bowen Family Systems Theory.

This discussion explains the intentions and strategies for increasing one’s ability to observe systems and increasingly act for self in the midst of automatic relationship functioning.

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