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David Osborne, Jr.

Senior Advisor to CYMI Holdings (formerly President) Founder and President of DAO Advisors

Having grown up in a family business, the Navigating Systems program provided real-life hands-on experiences to learn and apply Bowen family systems theory to my family system. I have especially appreciated the camaraderie and support in the learning groups as part of the program.

From my first day in the program when I couldn't identify my own Mother's family in a family diagram, the program through Priscilla, Kathy, and Andrea's leadership supported my personal growth through direct applications of the 8 concepts of Bowen Theory.

Today, the program has encouraged me to bridge cutoffs, develop family diagrams for all branches of my blended family, and become more thoughtful and more aware of potential triangles and situations that I encounter.

The experience has flowed in to my business life as I have become more aware of potential triangles and situations that promote anxiety in multigenerational family systems.

My experiences have resulted in stronger relationships with my wife, my adult children and adult step-children, my ex-wife, my siblings, and my extended family. Three family weddings during the past two years and the birth of my first grandchild are tangible evidence of the program's value.

Cathy Carroll

President, Legacy Onward, Inc.

I am so grateful for Navigating Systems, and I credit Priscilla, Kathy, and Andrea for much of my personal growth, especially as it relates to my most difficult family relationships.  It took me 49 years of life and Navigating Systems to realize that “it’s not about me.”  Knowing it’s not personal has freed me up to be a more mature adult, partner, sibling, child and professional coach.

Edmund Granski

Lawyer, Family Planning Consultant

It's not about what I 'got' from Bowen Theory. Bowen Theory is a practice that, with some hard work on my part, has begun to unveil a clearer lens of the emotional systems I’m part of. Without the work, I was a prisoner to the system I couldn’t quite grasp.  With the work and the help of Andrea, Priscilla and Kathy, I’ve gained a measure of courage to remain in my family system, but with understanding of and compassion for my family, and hope for ever more meaningful relationships. Don’t underestimate the sea change in your life experiences with those you love if you decide to take part.

Tom Merkel

Operating Director, Delta Point Capital

Navigating Systems is a practical way to learn and live Bowen Theory.

It has made a huge difference in my life.   It changed my view on raising children.

I have become a better leader in my family business.   I am still eagerly awaiting my wife to tell me that I am a better husband.   Another 5 or 10 years in the program may get me there. I would highly recommend this program and the folks that offer it!!

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